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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentionne que même si Triple H n'est pas nécessairement en faveur de l'idée, la WWE projette de présenter des matchs de NXT durant le "Wrestlemania week-end", probablement dans le cadre du Fan Axxess. 

Après Lance Storm, c'est au tour de Road Warrior Animal de critiquer la promo de The Ascension à "RAW". Sur Facebook, il souligne que le duo a inutilement insulté The Road Warriors et a ainsi fait preuve d'un grand manque de respect : 

“The idiots in charge make the call everyone knows how stupid it is to copy icons yet they still do it. Do it in a mocking fashion to get heat I understand do it in a disrespectful way well that’s another issue that’s low and has no place in the business.
Where does it end and I usually are just are playing when I comment but this one is a shoot I believe they should have had Me Animal find a team. For some undetected odd reason they don’t do it. They missed the boat with Ascention and they missed it when my brother John was in the ring both great times to bring me in and they missed it.
They need to go to their merchandise numbers today and see we rank up with the main roster on selling merchandise for a reason.
Oh what a rush.” 

(source FN Lutte)





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